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Hairpin Stator Prototype

We offer a wide range of services for the development and production of prototypes of electric drives in Hairpin design. Our experience with related production processes flows into product development.

With the efficient application of our resources we can offer significant advantages with the implementation of your development projects in the shortest possible time. Our prototype development establishes the basis for further planning for series production in assembly lines.


Developing electric drives and producing electric motor prototypes takes extensive knowledge of the interplay between individual production steps. We pass this knowledge on to our clients and support them from initial product development through to prototyping and all the way to series production. While a product is being developed, we incorporate our knowledge precisely where it is needed and assist in the design process, always keeping in mind a high level of production compliance. Investigating different concepts and production processes aids decision-making and makes the transition into series production easier.


We offer you stator manufacturing in different designs. This includes the production of the lamination package, slot insulation, pin production as well as twisting, welding and impregnation.

  • Production of the laminated core

  • Slot insulation

  • Pin production

  • Pin assembly

  • Twisting

  • Welding

  • Production and assembly of bridges and connections

  • Impregnation

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