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Our objective is the optimal combination of flexibility and efficiency. You will be able to manufacture a very wide range of shapes without additional tooling with our patented planetarium. The Hairpins – from the simple coil to the curved end product everything is manufactured automatically on one single unit.


Our system solutions for pin production conserve resources, save space and at the same time allow a virtually unlimited range of variations. The Hairpins can be manufactured in direct succession and without interruption of production. This innovation in pin production allows you to implement your very specific specifications and test the latest insights from research and development in your own plant.


The station is loaded with enameled copper wire on a coil with just a few movements. The subsequent steps are completely automatic.


  • Controlled and continuous unwinding of the enameled copper wire by two alternately operating gripper

  • Two-dimensional straightening of the wire in specific uni

  • Removal of the insulation layer on the fly (mechanical/laser)

  • Separation and phasing of the sections in cutting uni

  • Shaping 2D or 3D pins in the planetarium

When the pins have been shaped as specified by the customer, they are sent to the next station for pin assembly. At this station the pins are automatically inserted into the insulated slots of the stator stack.

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