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SCHMID continues to strengthen its focus on electric motor production: Schmid E-motive Technologies S.r.l. to be integrated; Sonnenbühl technology centre to be built

Thomas Mergler (left) and Wolfgang Schmid (right)



Continued pursuit of corporate strategy in 2022

  • Increased expansion of the e-motive segment to achieve targeted and and consistent growth in the segment

  • Integration of “Schmid E-motive Technologies S.r.l.” into the SCHMID group, formerly CopperING in Nuvolera (Italy)

  • Opening of the Sonnenbühl technology centre with a focus on laser welding technology

  • All process steps for stator production can be implemented within the SCHMID GROUP

Sonnenbühl (DE) / Nuvolera (IT) – The SCHMID GROUP is continuously rising to the new challenges associated with the transition to carbon-neutral mobility. With the integration of the employees from CopperING (Wernigerode) into the company Emil Schmid Maschinenbau, located in Blankenburg, the first building block for the company's strategic development in the field of electric motor production was laid in 2021. The Blankenburg technology centre focuses on trickle impregnation and powder coating.


Two further essential building blocks were successfully integrated in 2022:

One of them was the acquisition process of SCHMID E-MOTIVE in Nuvolera (Italy). "We are pleased that SCHMID E-MOTIVE is now part of the SCHMID GROUP, and that the new name signals and reinforces the group affiliation," says Lucia Schmid, managing partner.


SCHMID E-MOTIVE specializes in production technology for the manufacture of electric motors based on I-pin and hairpin technologies. The company, based in Italy, employs 22 people and is a pioneer for innovative technological approaches. "The development of electric drives and the manufacture of electric motor prototypes requires extensive knowledge regarding the interaction of the individual production steps. We share this knowledge with our customers, and are at their side from the initial product development to prototyping and series production," explains Thomas Mergler, Managing Director at SCHMID E-MOTIVE.


The second building block, the opening of the technical centre in Sonnenbühl with a focus on laser welding technology, will consistently further and strengthen the corporate strategy and continue to expand the company's position in the e-motive sector. "We have succeeded in setting up a very well-equipped technical centre. The technical centre, with a focus on hairpin and busbar welding, is run by highly qualified employees who guide customers during trial processes," says Franz Hepp, Head of Design.


"Thanks to the aforementioned developments, we are now able to offer full-scale solutions and production lines for the manufacture of electric motors. From the production of the hairpins to their insertion, from the twisting and welding of the pin ends to the impregnation of the stators in the trickling and powder coating process, we have every step covered – all from a single source,” says a proud Wolfgang Schmid (Managing Partner).

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