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Your Design and System Partner for E-mobility

Schmid E-motive Technologies is a pioneer of technologically innovative approaches and has extensive experience as a production technology manufacturer operating in the field of electric powertrains. The company specializes in production technology for the manufacture of electric motors, based on I-pin, hairpin and D-pin technologies. These designs combine the efficiency of electric motors with high automation capabilities and process reproducibility – all of which are key requirements for series production in the automotive industry. The portfolio ranges from standalone made-to-measure solutions for stator prototype development and small-scale series production to fully automated new system solutions for electric motor production lines.

Developing electric drives and producing electric motor prototypes takes extensive knowledge of the interplay between individual production steps. We pass this knowledge on to our clients and support them from initial product development through to prototyping and all the way to series production. While a product is being developed, we incorporate our knowledge precisely where it is needed and assist in the design process, always keeping in mind a high level of production compliance. Investigating different concepts and production processes aids decision-making and makes the transition into series production easier.

We provide complete system solutions and production lines for the manufacture of electric motors. From producing pins to inserting pins, from twisting and welding pin ends through to impregnating the stators using trickle and powder coating methods, we have every step covered – and all from a single source. The integrated automation guarantees a steady flow of stators along the line. With the benefit of modern simulation procedures and proven skills in project management, we are the go-to partner when it comes to designing new production lines for high productivity. By pooling together all our skills and our extensive knowledge of the individual production steps, and by providing a direct point of contact, we simplify and optimize the execution of project for our clients.

Exploded view of an electric motor based on hairpin technology
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